Music To Melt Tumours - Episode 4.  

Alexkid - Riverflow;
2562 - Narita;
A made up sound - Sleepwalk;
Aaron Spectre - Music is the weapon;
Airhead - Paper Street;
Akufen & Algorithm - Delgado;
Al Tourettes - Dodgem;
Alien Sex Fiend - Sticky;
Alpha Omega - Red Queen;
Alva Noto - Xerrox Tek Part 1 (except);
Âme - Engoli;
Andy Scott - Drippin; Go here to the start of the journey. Go here for next blog entry. Go here to view previous blog entry.


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That ambulance ride to the hospital was the first time I had ever felt I was in real trouble. I’ve got myself into a state before for sure, silly self-inflicted nonsense, but not like this. The care that the ambulance crew and the... Continue →