Music to melt tumours (Episode 2.)  

Esmerine - Dalmak;
godspeed you! black emperor - Slow Riot;
godspeed you! black emperor - Blaise Bailey;
Julianna Barwick - Florine;
Set Fire To Flames - rites of spring reverb;
Pausal - Fertiliser / Horticulture / Mower;
Tim Hecker - Mort Aux Vaches (except);
Mike Weis - Loop Current, part 2;
Laurel Halo - Ainnome;
Four Tet - Kool FM;
Neil Landstrumm - Assassin Master;
Neil Landstrumm - The Race;
David Andree, Josh Mason - (In); Go here to the start of the journey. Go here for next blog entry.
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